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1403), granting her great political power and ensuring a place on the council of regents in the event of a relapse.left Paris and ordered the courtiers to shield the King from the duties of government and leadership.Four of the dancers were killed in a fire caused by a torch brought in by a spectator, Charles's brother Louis, Duke of Orléans. The ball was one of a number of events intended to entertain the young king, who the previous summer had suffered an attack of insanity.The event undermined confidence in Charles's capacity to rule; Parisians considered it proof of courtly decadence and threatened to rebel against the more powerful members of the nobility.In 1392 Charles suffered the first in a lifelong series of attacks of insanity, manifested by an "insatiable fury" at the attempted assassination of the Constable of France and leader of the Marmousets, Olivier de Clisson—carried out by Pierre de Craon but orchestrated by John V, Duke of Brittany.Convinced that the attempt on Clisson's life was also an act of violence against himself and the monarchy, Charles quickly planned a retaliatory invasion of Brittany with the approval of the Marmousets, and within months departed Paris with a force of knights.The Bal des Ardents depicted in a 15th-century miniature from Froissart's Chronicles.

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Most of the audience were unaware that Charles was among the dancers.

The costumes, which were sewn onto the men, were made of linen soaked with resin to which flax was attached "so that they appeared shaggy and hairy from head to foot".

Masks made of the same materials covered the dancers' faces and hid their identities from the audience.

The public's outrage forced the King and his brother Orléans, whom a contemporary chronicler accused of attempted regicide and sorcery, to offer penance for the event.

Charles's wife, Isabeau of Bavaria, held the ball to honor the remarriage of a lady-in-waiting.