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She was only the fifth woman to have a solo exhibition of photography at Mo MA, and this was 10 years before the landmark William Eggleston show (also at Mo MA), widely recognised as a defining moment in colour photography.Cosindas photographed everyone from Andy Warhol to Coco Chanel, and Tom Wolfe compared her to Caravaggio and Gustav Klimt. During the 1960s and 1970s Cosindas was well known in America.Her portrait of Schiaparelli, taken in Paris in 1969, is a world away from Woodstock and the dramatic societal changes going on outside the plush apartment.Her still lifes, too, are almost of another century.Later that year Cosindas attended a workshop run by Ansel Adams, where Adams told her that she was “making black and white photographs, but thinking in colour”.

In 1961 the photographer Edward Steichen came across Cosindas’ black and white photographs and bought three of them.

She describes how, shortly after the show, one of Andy Warhol’s friends approached her, asking if she would like to photograph the artist.

She arrived at Warhol’s Factory to find it impossible to shoot as there wasn’t a “scrap of daylight”.

But her colour-saturated, carefully composed pictures gradually fell out of fashion.

This, and her reluctance to lend her work to galleries, meant that Cosindas has become more of a cult figure in photography than a household name.