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“I get obsessed.” It is undergoing a renovation, and a thousand grown-up decisions must be faced.Has she settled on wood or poured concrete for the master bath? “High-class problems, y’all,” she says, shaking her head. Before we go, Johnson points up toward the guest room with its wall of south-facing windows.“Jamie and I worked so incredibly closely for so long. There’s no jewelry to give you a clue about social status.

“Dakota and I never discussed the negative aspects of the business. But I have told her that I think it’s important to do different things in life, to have a sense of balance. I couldn’t tell you why.”Johnson made some money modeling while in high school in Santa Monica, the first time she was in one place for a few consecutive years, and when she graduated she moved herself and her then boyfriend to an apartment in West Hollywood.Our destination: the mid-century bungalow that Dakota, then living in downtown Manhattan, bought last winter in a clear concession to the fact that she was, is, and very likely will always be a creature of Hollywood.It was only the second house she saw, but she fell hard for its modernist pedigree; the architect Carl Maston built it for his own family in 1947.“I used to spend hours and hours Googling mid-century houses,” she explains.Tilda Swinton, the star of , plays the academy director.“Dakota and I have a rolling foolishness between us,” she explains, “a kind of childish nonsense that was born the moment we met and means that we are always on the verge of not being able to get serious work done.