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All that we know for certain is that they landed somewhere on the Isle of Thanet (Bede, H.

The pope was obliged to complain of the lack of episcopal zeal among Aethelberht Christian neighbours.

Gregory, as the "true beginner" of one of the most important Churches in Christendom and the medium by which the authority of the Roman See was established over men of the English-speaking race.

It is unnecessary to dwell here upon Bede's well-known version of Gregory's casual encounter with English slaves in the Roman market place (H.

It was thus amid the religious intimacies of the Benedictine Rule and in the bracing atmosphere of a recent foundation that the character of the future missionary was formed.

Chance is said to have furnished the opportunity for the enterprise which was destined to link his name for all time with that of his friend and patron, St.