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If somebody says there’s not a gender bias, that there’s not a double standard, then they do not have their eyes open.” Does she believe that double standard has had a knock-on effect on her career?

“I said in print after Twilight came out that I’d love to do a superhero movie – did anyone call?

I’ve had many friends like that through the years – they’re a bit of a nightmare but it’s still exciting.” It was also important the central storyline felt realistic, that the edges weren’t sanded away.

“I have friends who are going through this and I wanted to show the different reactions people have to the disease.

One of three children, she was raised in Mc Allen, a small city on the Texan/Mexico borders.

It was 2008 and the first Twilight movie had just pulled in almost m (£45m) on its opening weekend, at that point a record for a female director (it was broken last year by Sam Taylor-Johnson’s take on Fifty Shades of Grey).

“I worried that it might veer too much into sentimentality” she says.

“So awesome Morwenna flew out to Venice Beach with Chris Simon, the producer, and we tried to explore where we could toughen it and make it funnier, and as we went on and kept digging at it so I just fell more in love.” The result is a tough but still tender update on the sort of weepies that dominated Eighties cinema.

“Listen I’ve been on sets where male directors have fired the crew, gone over schedule by a month, two months, even three, gone over budget by millions, come in unprepared, not even had a shot list, yelled and got into physical fights with people or, you know, brought hookers to set… Or I’ve also seen a big man, a former football player, who cried on set and you know what happened?

People gave him a round of applause and said he’s so sensitive…