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The goaltending position being what it is goalies bend and flex and contort their bodies in all sorts of ways the knee didnt respond to the point where the team felt Price could perform.However, his extended recovery period has Price 100 percent healthy and planning to participate in the World Cup of Hockey in September.

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The Canadiens were the toast of hockey at the time Price went down Nov.The 400-pound gorilla in the room is why the Habs would let Price play in a heated competition like the World Cup instead of having him slowly acclimate in the low-pressure environment of preseason play.When healthy, Price is one of the most valuable players in the league, an elite goalie capable of stealing wins for a Habs team that doesnt score much.It certainly wasn't easy for Price, as the Canadiens defense allowed a ton of shots.And it would have been more had the defense not led the NHL in blocked shots.