Carbon dating and dna testing

The image of a prone man with hands folded can be made out on the cloth, with both the front and back views of the head meeting neatly at the middle of the sheet, suggesting it was folded over the front and back of a naked body in death.

Countless horrible wounds to the body are revealed through the images on the fabric, from slashes to gouges, piercings and welts.

These images strongly indicate to proponents the evidence of crucifixion and the Biblical description of the death of Jesus.

Historical record can place the shroud in the late 1300s.

Since the 15 century, the existence of that shroud is well documented.

It was deeded to the House of Savoy in Italy in 1453, and suffered damage in a fire.

Some Christians believe the image was transferred from Jesus’ body onto the cloth with a release of “divine light” or energy upon his resurrection.

However, historians raise the possibility that several such ‘shrouds’ were making the rounds at the time, and forgery claims might have had nothing to do with the cloth found today in the cathedral in Turin, Italy.A variety of tests have been carried out on the shroud since scientists were first allowed to examine it in 1969, including physical examinations, chemical analyses, and radiocarbon dating. It is also occasionally possible to go to the church in Turin and see it for yourselves, and if it is not on display, one of these pictures I mentioned is there in its place.Initial examinations led to the formation of an 11-member Turin Commission composed of scientists and advisors, and in 1977 the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) was born. If you can make the picture smaller, or just back away, more and more is revealed. oh, I find it necessary to remind you that you are looking at the image of, and created by the LORD! Bm Sv He wasn't Jesus. There are human traces because they wrapped up a person who was tortured to death then it was... So people went over and spread themselves over it through obsession. Jesus wouldn't have looked Caucasian/Hispanic anyway plus he wasn't a man. I have not ever, even for a fraction of a millisecond of conscious life, doubted its reality, and looking through this thread written by people who are wasting their lives nit-picking through their own lack of consciousness, glued to their microscopes and their computer screens, when they deny the divinity of even a leaf, let alone a tree, or their own, or their fellows, it does seem to me incredibly sad and stupid of them so to do, because they are not in the same world that the believer and the conscious enlightened man inhabits at all, and it were better they set off somewhere where the genuinely miraculous/paranormal CAN be experienced today, rather than waste their time on a shroud, that (unlike a genuine guru/boddhisattva/avatar ) cannot raise them from among the dead.Although the Kraken was first noted in the 13th century Icelandic saga, Örvar-Oddr, a researcher believes he has fossil evidence that is linked to this creature.The ancients were cleverer than some people today assume.