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Was I a dishonorable person for going through with this?These questions haunted me as I showered, dressed up and coiffed my hair on date night.

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We traded several urbane bon mots before agreeing to rendezvous at Iron Triangle Brewery in the Arts District on a Thursday evening. But as the date crept closer, my excitement became entangled with ethical doubt.Racers and fans of racing may include those into off or on road racing, circle track or otherwise, NASCAR, motorcycle racing, moto-cross, road rally style racing, Formula 1 / F1 racing, drifting, or even car shows fanatics. Many cities and countries worldwide have professional racing leagues and a very well-established racing community, while in other area car racing leagues may be small or underdeveloped.Best of all, here at the Racing Dating Site you pay even a cent because the entire network is totally free to use. That means you can of course open all your messages and contact people totally free. If youre a racing fan or a racer yourself, and youre looking for fellow racing fans and racers in your area, then zoom to Racing Friends Date, the free site for single racers and racing fans.To my relief, K hadn’t arrived at Iron Triangle early enough to see me disembark from the bus. Affairs columns She walked in at , in heeled boots and a killer leather jacket. But as we hugged, I could hear her car keys jangling in her purse.“The 10 was a mess tonight,” she said, removing her jacket and taking a seat. K, bless her soul, didn’t appear daunted by this slip. But I still hadn’t told K the whole truth.“Where’d you park? I watched her 2014 Honda Civic disappear into the night and headed for the bus stop, considering my existential predicament. I entered the brewery, procured a small table and waited. “I was gonna pull over and text you but then the cars just started flowing again.”“Been there before,” I chuckled. We promptly ordered two beer flights and by the time they arrived, the two of us were swapping embarrassing stories about junior high school dances. ” she asked as we stumbled out of the brewery nearly two hours later.“Well,” I scanned the area.