Candy twist dating review

I know i will have conversation with this juice tonight.Vanilla and licorice is a wonderful mix, and a nose grabber. This is my first bottle from the house of Lolita, so I'll try the other ones. Longevity: 8/10 Sillage: 8/10 Licorice and vanilla just running like a jail break!

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Im not sure if its due to reformulations as others say otherwise, but that was my experience with it A very lovely, unique and timeless perfume that, you keep re-discovering over and over again!The base of this scent really comes off true to name; masculine with the cedar and labdanum playing off each other so well.I love this scent, it performs and evolves beautifully on my skin.I've bought many old perfumes before, some of them go bad and change in nature, some keep almost the same vibe but loose longevity which also happened with the Rochas Man i bought few months ago. I just got my original formulation 1.7 bottle (cap is built in to the bottle, unlike the new one where cap is separate piece) and holy SH! I sprayed my arm about 7 hours ago and it is still VERY strong!Over all, i'm still happy with it, i don't use it that much when going out, but i enjoy it on me, whenever there is a chance to use it. The juice itself, strong blast of liucorice/vanilla/anise in the beggining, very gourmand indeed.