Can cheerleaders dating football players

If not are there any exceptions - like what if you where dating the football player before you were to try out, would it matter then?And if not then why can't you date a football player in the team you cheer for, why is it so frowned apon?Hall of Fame Cowboys seem to always be around the DCC whether it’s being escorted onto the field at halftime events or just taking photos with the ladies.I guess being a Cowboys great who no longer plays makes “fraternization” OK.

Of course there is the double standard aspect of the fraternization rule – cheerleaders who break the rule are immediately dismissed while the guilty player is not punished.

He said the ladies were not wholesome and he did not want them on the sidelines.

I suspect that was the birth of the no fraternization rule, but perhaps the players’ wives had a little bit to do with it as well.

Well, the simple answer is probably Photoshop, but let’s dive into the history of the DCC’s fraternization rule.

When Tex Schramm decided to add the DCC to the Cowboys entertainment package, legendary head coach Tom Landry was none too pleased.

Can cheerleaders dating football players