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SHELS particles are hollow and therefore contain much less silica than the corresponding solid sphere, depending on the actual shell thickness.Mailing Address 6650 Lusk Blvd, Suite B105 San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 344-8108 (858) 263-7092 [email protected] Cell is actively seeking partnership opportunities with oncolytic virus IP providers.I often hear lamenting about the lack of space for creative, non-judgmental places, made specifically for the enjoyment of pole and aerials arts.The pole and aerial world is filled with competitions, which provide incredible incentive to push yourself, to train harder and land those tricks.This way too early look ahead to next year drops each team into a group, ranging from “Bowl Contenders” to “Nervously Looking Over Their Shoulders” as we give you the low down on a changing Britball landscape.Bowl Contenders Bristol Apache, London Hornets, Berkshire Renegades, Wembley Stallions, East Kent Mavericks, Bournemouth Bobcats These six teams totalled 48 wins between them in 2016.Unfortunately, a number of teams here also forfeited at least one game, and perhaps the focus should just be on stability and ensuring they’re playing league football in the long term.

The Cheetahs, if they can fix some number issues, should be a tough team to face, and the Sharks will be hoping they can keep up with the Apache for another year. Portsmouth Dreadnoughts, London Blitz B, Swindon Storm, Jurassic Coast Raptors, Hastings Conquerors, Essex Spartans, Torbay Trojans, Ipswich Cardinals, Maidstone Pumas The Dreadnoughts and the Storm could maybe push on and separate themselves from the rest of the group, but most of these teams here only took wins from each other whilst getting soundly beaten by real contenders.

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but we can’t deny we’re already excited for the next year of Senior Ball!

Deva Cell solves the problem of neutralizing immune responses with a novel versatile nano-carrier platform called Synthetic Hollow Enzyme Loaded Shells (SHELS).

SHELS are capable of hiding large biomolecular payloads from the immune system within the hollow core while allowing controlled interaction with the environment via pores on the surface.