Camshem internet explorer not updating favicon

I chose this route thinking maybe someone here can share and help me get through this cause I don't think I'm handling it well at all.

Com Hem Companiet var en tv-produktion av Com Hem som startade 2012 och lades ner 2013.I'm not too sure on the time though because I got this a year ago.I tried several times to send this back with no success.I dig out the shipping invoice ad see that my free shipping and handling came out to be .85!!!which is why my first invoice was 1.49 Related: Nuwave Oven - DOME SUCKS So, I still have one more payment of .64, for a Grand total of: 4.47!!!!!! this thing is going back in the mail tomorrow, thank God I use AMEX, they are very good at getting your money back.