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Season 3, Episode 22June 29, 2004Bernie becomes jealous of Vanessa's teacher, whose influence includes her becoming a vegetarian right before Thanksgiving.

When Ronald Isley and singer, Angela Winbush, divorced in 2002, they allegedly kind of lost the contact they once had, but it was health scares on both sides that brought them back together as friends.

Season 3, Episode 17April 12, 2004Ashton Kutcher and Carl Reiner have cameos as the family engages in a war of pranks, which Bernie takes too far.

Season 3, Episode 18April 26, 2004Spending time with Bernie's manager teaches Jordan some harsh realities of show business.

Season 3, Episode 8February 8, 2004The family reunion at a park is one thing, but everyone inviting themselves to an after-party at Bernie's home is quite another.

Season 3, Episode 9February 15, 2004Bernie acts in a kiddie film opposite Bryanna's favorite character, but she takes his role as a villain as real and blames him accordingly.

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Now this brings a couple questions to mind: (1.) How did Ronald's new lady feel about this at the time?Episodes deal with more mature themes as the children age, but there's not a lot to worry about here.The curmudgeonly comedian and his wife take in his sister's three young children in this Peabody Award-winning series. Season 3, Episode 2December 7, 2003Bernie likes his new neighbor (Greg Germann), until he objects to the tree house Bernie and Jordan build, prompting a war that goes beyond words. The thing that had a lot of people talking was what Angela Winbush did for Ronald long after they’d divorced and after he was in a new committed relationship wife his wife…In 2004, Ronald Isley suffered a very scary stroke while in London.