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But only the furniture, the carpets, the smells and the sounds are real. The visitor isn't gazing out at the Persian Gulf from 400 meters (1,312 feet) up in the air; in fact, he or she is standing at ground level -- in a model apartment with an enormous mural stretched outside its floor-to-ceiling windows -- at the foot of a hermetically sealed building.

The model apartment is located at the recently closed sales office of Emaar Properties, the real estate development company behind the Burj Dubai, which has over-extended itself -- with projects from India to Morocco -- and is now selling some of its condominiums at half the list price.

Contact our Director of Children’s Ministries, An Dina Wiley, for more information about Club 56.

With a history in Hong Kong spanning more than 100 years, we make a continuous effort to provide the corporate information our stakeholders need most - online, in our publications and through our service hotline (2555-2522).

British-American Tobacco Company (Hong Kong) Limited is a part of the British American Tobacco Group.

British American Tobacco's operations were established in Hong Kong in 1903 when the American Cigarette Company Limited was incorporated to serve as British American Tobacco's manufacturing arm in China.

If anyone ever hit upon the idea of opening a door at the top and a door at the bottom, as well as the airlocks in between, a storm would rush through the air-conditioned building that would destroy most everything in its wake, except perhaps the heavy marble tiles in the luxury apartments.

The phenomenon is called the "chimney effect." An Army of Immigrant Workers An army of immigrant workers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who make up about two-thirds of Dubai's residents, built the Burj.

The tower is so enormous that the air temperature at the top is up to 8 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) lower than at the base.

Other youth functions (mission trips, camps, parties and outreaches) will be publicized at specific times during the year.

Contact Brandon Di Miceli (580.226.0677 ) with any questions.

* 6th Grade meets with the rest of middle school for Sunday School.

On Wednesdays, they meet in their own group called “Club 56” from -.