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Excavations of the site took place between 20, after which the current Bloomberg building was constructed atop the archaeological dig.The tablets are the earliest written documents found in Britain, dating from 50 to 80 AD in the early Roman period.Warm, blackened beeswax would then be poured into the centre depression and allowed to cool.Once the wax has set, a metal stylus would be used to scratch letters into the wax.However, the demolition of the Bucklersbury building in 2010 gave archaeologists a chance to reopen the dig.Between 20, a multitude of artefacts were discovered at the site, including the Bloomberg tablets, discovered buried 40 feet underground.

A huge collection of domestic and everyday products and packaging of food and household items, posters, toys, games and printed media.

This very unusual museum houses the 47 foot long, 116 tonne Kirkaldy Testing Machine, able to exert a million pounds of pressure and to determine the tensile strength of any object.

The museum is housed in 19th-century engineer David Kirkaldy’s original testing works. This unique museum houses the oldest surviving operating theatre in Britain, dating from 1822 – the age before anaesthetics and antiseptics.

Chronologically organised, from the Victorian period to the present day, this nostalgic and engrossing treasure trove details the history of consumer culture.

Billing itself as a museum for the “incurably curious” the Wellcome displays a highly unusual mixture of medical artefacts and original artworks that explore the connections between medicine, life and art.