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A backup woman is the woman a guy keeps as his backup, for days when he’s lonely or unable to get any girl to date.

She’s always ready to meet the guy at his beck and call, because she has a small crush on him already.

They’d say they’d never hook up with her ever, but secretly every guy wants to sleep with her because she’s just so damn irresistible and sexy! Guys like her company but don’t always date her because she seems like such a nice person.

This girl usually falls straight into the friend zone because she’s too sweet, too nice and just too warm and friendly to date.

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But if you’re a girl trying to get a guy’s attention, you’re definitely on this list in the guy’s mind.

Confident guys aren’t afraid of stealing girlfriends when they get a chance, but if a girl’s dating his good friend, or if his single friend likes a girl, any good guy would stay away from her even if he finds himself falling for her. She’s the one who dates a guy only after evaluating how much he can spend on her.

It’s just the way guys work, unless they’re backstabbers who don’t care about friendships. As a girl, you may not realize it, but there are more gold digger stereotypes out there than you think.

There’s nothing wrong with being a sugar momma, but most guys don’t take these girls seriously or look for a long term commitment with them.

Always remember, make a guy work for your affection by keeping him on his toes. [Read: How to make a guy chase you and get more interested in you] #10 The guy chick. She’s definitely dateable, but her boyish behavior could put many other guys to shame.