Boulder dating scene

So when the company in question made an offer that was very competitive with those in Boulder, everything clicked: a good place to work, good pay, cheaper housing that we might be able to buy into sooner, and still plenty of outdoor opportunities and a dry climate.

That’s why we’re going to Bend, Oregon rather than Boulder, Colorado.

Still though, it feels like a place that’s a bit hungrier for success, because it’s still something of an underdog.

I’m interested in startups of all kinds, but especially the bootstrapped variety, and a place that is so expensive to live in would not be very good for that.The average price is just over half of what it is in Boulder, to put things in perspective.Critically, there are also some interesting opportunities in biotech for my wife.That’s a very impressive accomplishment, as tons of places try to rebrand themselves Silicon This or Silicon That without really succeeding.The down side of this is that Boulder also seems to have inherited the house price trends and problems of San Francisco.