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A couple of the guys, like Bruz, had wives, and they sometimes got their wives to hold the camera while they swilled the swill. He got his wife to stand around in his garage with him and sip these cute little hand grenade-shaped bottles of Mickey’s while he drank the big ones. Brezz, once had his wife record him while he chugged a 40 behind the wheel of his Cutlass in the parking lot of the local Bar-B-Cuties. Troy liked videos that were filmed in creative locales. Forum, much consideration was given to, as they called it, one’s “styles.” It was considered good styles if you showed yourself cracking the cap, and very good styles if you cracked it and threw it at the camera, and even better styles if you cracked it with your teeth and threw it at the camera, but bad styles if you puked, or wussed out on something you said you were going to do like beer bong a 40, or throw a television off a roof.

It was considered especially bad styles to drink in silence, or always in the same room, or in any other manner that might be construed as lonely or lame.

Troy had never really had many friends in the “real world,” just Kent and this kid, Jefferoni Pepperoni, who hoped to work for the Department of Homeland Security and practiced this gay kind of dancing called Tektronic. By the time, two years later, when Troy would abruptly disappear—after a fellow You Tuber calling himself Pope Benadict16 convinced Troy to film himself drinking a cup of his own urine, which everyone in the 40 Oz.

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Just because I don’t wear much makeup doesn’t mean I don’t believe in good skin.already pumping through his veins, he found himself fixing to inject 40 more. Rather like beer’s evil twin: stronger, meaner, more metallic.He slid the sleeve of his black Dimmu Borgir t-shirt down over his fingers, cracked open the aluminum twist-off cap, and lifted the bottle to his lips. It wormed its way down into his guts and began to swell, fuming, like one of those firecracker snakes.I scrolled down and noticed that he’d confirmed to her that I was “verrrrrrrry funny. But as I kept reading, there it was.“She is ugly as fuck tho. And that was the chaser for a descriptive clause that pegged me not just smart but funny, which had to mean looking at my face for the course of our 30 minute conversation was as painful as say, getting a colonoscopy without the preliminary anesthesia.Truly a man repeller.”My initial reaction was to laugh — chiefly because it seemed incredibly unusual if not highly offensive that he would describe a fellow woman to his female assistant as “ugly as fuck.”But then I got emotional. A few months prior to this I noticed that the details of my makeup regimen (or lack thereof) had become something of a hot topic on the Man Repeller Instagram feed.