Black doctor dating

these are soldiers from the South African war, they've just been fighting the Zulus.

There weren't any black soldiers in Victoria's army.' Jimmy Durham was a black baby found on a battlefield by the River Nile by British soldiers in Sudan in 1885.

He married Jane Green in 1908 but died of pneumonia in Cork after being posted to Ireland – three weeks before she gave birth to his only child, a Frances, who died unmarried in 1998.

London-based actor Gbadamosi, who was also in Casualty in April, featured in the 'Empress of Mars' on Saturday night, which was the ninth episode of 12 in series ten of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who producer Steven Moffat revealed last year that the show's main role was offered to a black actor before Peter Capaldi but it 'didn't work out'.

Soldiers established that the real name of the boy – who was covered in war paint - was Mustapha, his father was killed in battle and his mother fled.And he admitted there is 'no excuse' not to use a diverse cast because the fact it is a science fiction gives them more creative licence than a historical drama.Last year Luther star Idris Elba said Prince Charles helped him get his break in the entertainment industry as he warned MPs over the lack of black actors on British TV.But he eventually backed down when he found records revealing there was in fact one black soldier in Queen Victoria's army, with the Durham Light Infantry regiment.According to the Daily Telegraph, Gatiss emailed his colleagues to say: 'I don't think we can do this…