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People can also have symptoms of both depression and mania at the same time.This mixed mania, as it is called, appears to be accompanied by a greater risk of suicide and is more difficult to treat.Some studies have evaluated the effects of valproate, lithium, and naltrexone, as well as psychosocial interventions, in treating alcoholic bipolar patients, but further research is needed.Key words: comorbidity; manic–depressive psychosis; AODD (alcohol and other drug dependence); alcoholic beverage; prevalence; genetic linkage; disease onset; disease course; diagnosis; drug therapy; lithium; valproate; naltrexone; patient compliance; psychosocial treatment method; literature review Bipolar disorder and alcoholism co–occur at higher than expected rates.

There are a number of disorders in the bipolar spectrum, including bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, and cyclothymia.

The findings of the NCS with regard to the comorbidity of mood disorders and alcoholism were very similar.

NOTES: *Mood disorders include depression and bipolar disorder.

SOURCE: Data reported in the table are based on findings of the Epidemiologic Catchment Area study (Regier et al. Although researchers have proposed explanations for the strong association between alcoholism and bipolar disorder, the exact relationship between these disorders is not well understood.

One proposed explanation is that certain psychiatric disorders (such as bipolar disorder) may be risk factors for substance use.