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The real challenge is this: you’ll have to do this on minimal income while at university, bringing the true entrepreneurial spirit out to play.Back in late 2010 when my website - higher education comparison site University Compare - was a mere beta version, I spent my entire first term second year loan on a few web developers (something I would NOT recommend), developing my first concept of the site.It can be daunting at first, especially when it comes to parting with cash.But, I can assure you, years from now, it’ll be something you won’t regret.’ and ‘I have a great idea, how can I get that too?’ These questions are commonly aimed at entrepreneurs and they always get the same answers.First things first, If you’re thinking of starting a business, it means you have an idea and, more likely than not, this product or service is already out there and is already trading.

After all, it never did Mark Zuckerberg any harm, did it?This combination of being more responsible with extra time will allow you to look at the bigger picture and begin your journey without the distraction of £1.50 vodka-double student Wednesdays.A few questions I get asked on a regular basis are: ‘How did you get funding for your idea?Being a previous dorm-room company starter myself, I realised the best time to embark on your venture while at university is in the midst of your second year.Not only do you have less term-time scheduled lectures, but you should also be a more independent adult than you were the previous year.