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He even chose not to reprise the role of Nine for the 50th anniversary special that brought David Tennant back as Ten for an adventure with Eleven.We can now only wonder what might have been if Christopher Eccleston hadn't moved on from may have benefited from Christopher Eccleston's early departure.Considering some of Christopher Eccleston's key performances in his first and only season, it's hard to imagine that he could have improved much.He managed to portray a character who was very clearly an alien while also devastatingly human.Tags: BBC, BBC One, Christopher Eccleston, Colin Baker, David Tennant, Doctor Who, DVD, Jon Pertwee, Matt Smith, Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, Sylvester Mc Coy, Tom Baker, TV, William Hartnell, You Tube Tags: 24, Alias, Batman, Bill Murray, Christopher Eccleston, David Cronenberg, David Mitchell, Frazer Irving, Grant Morrison, Hayao Miyazaki, Little Britain, Michael Avon Oeming, Op Ed, Robert Webb, Tim Burton, Viggo Mortensen, Wes Anderson, Zombies Although Russell T Davies quite rightly has his mind focussed on the wider reception of this series, it’s hard to believe that he wasn’t chuckling with glee when he imagined the reaction of some fans to this episode…The first two-part story in this series of Doctor Who was called ‘World War Three’, but for the second one we go back to World War Two, for a tale of terrifying children, dashing space captains and the intolerances of wartime society.The ninth incarnation of the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and his new companion Rose (U. pop starlet Billie Piper) embark on yet more far-flung and improbable adventures: traveling 5,000,000,000 years into the future as the Earth is about to be swallowed by the sun, escaping from a mysterious space-station where the contestants are trapped in demented versions of popular reality-TV shows, and facing an old and terrible menace, the Daleks.

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He's unlockable for all players, regardless of your progress in the game or your crystals, if you use the code Q858-8A85-CNZ9-748Z (valid until 1330 GMT on Saturday 29 March).mythology about Time Lords and the TARDIS and regeneration, so it fell to Eccleston to hook audiences into the series.Without Eccleston's performance as the Ninth Doctor, we might not have gotten a Tenth or Eleventh or Twelfth.At 7pm on March 26, 2005, Doctor Who returned to BBC One, with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.It's been nine years since the Ninth Doctor grabbed Rose Tyler's hand in the basement of Henrik's and told her to "Run!