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I’m single right now and all of my friends who were in relationships kept asking for my advice like I’m some sort of sage so I started calling myself Single Mike on stage just kind of naturally. I was in back-to-back relationships of four years and five years then I was engaged so I was like, “If I’m single, I’m goin’ strong! ” I’m like, “It is if it’s f-ckin’ paying the bills! We hadn’t even developed a relationship yet so don’t question me. I used to sit and watch those and literally think to myself, “I could write that! I’m from Detroit, a family of scrap metal dealers, nobody in my family was in the entertainment business so I didn’t even know what that was really. that I saw comedy clubs and started hearing about them but I always had that entrepreneurial spirit oddly enough. I get, “You know, Single Mike isn’t gonna fly with me! I was a TV-fiend, I loved television and all the comedy shows like “Happy Days”. I was fired in a day the first time I tried to work a real job.But then he needed it so bad and so I am here, and I need it for myself, too!

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The 526 lbs man is Michael Ventrella, a 30-year-old DJ from Chicago, who will be participating with his mother, Maria Ventrella, a 51-year-old corporate travel agent.“I would do anything for Michael,” mom Maria, weighing in at 281 lbs., told PEOPLE.

Maria Ventrella, a 51-year-old corporate travel agent, and her son Michael Ventrella, a 30-year-old deejay, who are from Chicago, IL California-based cousins Sam Poueu, 24, and Koli Palu, 29, were inspired by the success of Tongan cousins Sione and Filipe in Season 7. Attorney Melissa Morgan, 39, and her husband Lance, 38, a rancher, hail from Aspermont, Texas, and are both interested in losing weight and saving their marriage.

Mom Patti Anderson, 55, a business owner, and daughter Stephanie Anderson, 29, a radio sales executive, from Lafayette and West Hollywood, Calif.

Just go up there and do your Mike Tyson imitation right off the bat. I went up and I didn’t even get into my act, I just went straight to my Mike Tyson. People always ask, “Why do you still have a Blackberry? Maybe turn on some light music like some Bob Dylan.

That was a dream because [“Entourage” creator] Doug [Ellin] and I had been friends for years, we used to play basketball together and Kevin Connolly and I had also been friends for years.