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Search engines ask for keywords or phrases and then search the Web for results.Some search engines look only through page titles and headers.Finally, search engines don't always search the entire page; many search engines will only index the first 100 to 500k of each page.So there might be valuable information that is being overlooked by a search engine, even in pages that are indexed.You should not limit your search to what is on the Internet, and you cannot expect search engines to find everything that is on the Web. New sites and media are not automatically found by search engines.term for the process whereby webcrawlers find and include new pages and other media in their search results.

The Internet is made up of a vast amount of computers networked throughout the world via data lines or wireless routers.Searching online will provide you with a wealth of information, but not all of it will be useful or of the highest quality.The internet is a superb resource, but it doesn't contain all the information that you can find at a library or through library online resources.The image presented here gives you an example of this on What does this mean for a researcher?Understanding the nature of the Internet, how to navigate it, and how it is organized can help you assess the quality of information and Web sites, filtering out that which does not relate or is of questionalbe quality.