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Either way, Karlie posted the side by side comparison photo of their “man parts” on Instagram before quickly deleting it after she got called out for perhaps being a little too old for these antics.

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Well, it looks like Karlie has decided to shake the table and get even with her former flame…According to social media, Karlie Redd posted “explicit” photos and a side by side comparison of Benzino and Yung Jocc’s “man parts.” Keep in mind that Karlie claims she is dating Yung Joc even though some seem to think the relationship is just for the cameras.

Redemption is a Zino pipe dream for celebrity and a wet dream for rap thuggery. Daz Dillinger & Jewel)- I dont know which verse was worse Daz's or Benzino's ok its a tie 1/510. Mario Winans)- Not that bad of a song, has a pretty good R&B hook from Mario Winans. Get It On- Not really sayin too much with this track, an upbeat type of beat but not really sayin much. But it was actually pretty good it took me until the second verse to figure out that he was talkin about a gun. Pull Your Skirt Up- Nice lil diss track vs Eminem, i think this is the one that really started their little war. Mario Winans, Lil Kim & Petey Pablo)- Pretty much the same as the original Benzino comes decent, Lil Kim has a good verse but Petey Pablo just brings the whole track down. Bonus track- Im not sure about the name of this one cuz its not listed in the credits or on the back of the cd, but this was actually an aight track he should have included it on the album as a regular track.

The best part is bar none the guest contributions, but it's Redemption by Benzino, not Benzino and super friends, so Zino doesn't get the kick backs or credit for those other people's efforts. to the fallen homies type track, Fatal brings it on his verse. Although Eminem came back, you still can't take away the fact that Benzino did attack Eminem pretty nicely. 3/5Overall: We've seen very bad and very biased reviews of this album(Rolling Stone). It's funny how i reviewed it myself and scored all the tracks myself and when i averaged them out myself i came up a 3.

Yesterday, we reported on the new beef brewing between Karlie and ex Benzino over his new boo Althea.

Cameras were filming at the opening of Stevie J and Benzino’s new club “Sleazy & Zino’s Bistro & Bar,” so it shouldn’t shock anyone when the angry birds got to squawking and flapping.