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My tip: they’re less than an hour from each other so do both! Click on any of those links to access all Instagram travel posts.This post is part of the Instagram Travel Thursday linky hosted by Skimbaco Lifestyle, Destination Unknown, Child Mode, Hines Sight Blog, Live. Shanghai now boasts the world’s largest cargo port and is considered to be the most important financial and commercial centre in mainland China.So there are lots of TEFL jobs to be found and lots of opportunities to teach business English.

You’re now more likely to see sparkling glass skyscrapers and neon-light nightscapes than imperial places and ramshackle neighbourhoods.Last year I quit my job as an ESL Teacher in a classroom to teach ESL online.I wanted to be untethered to one spot so that I could travel freely.I was with the whole family, it was harder to see all the markets to give a proper judgement on some of the topics above.I very well could have missed the super family friendly area with lots of rides and few people.