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Athletes will experience a gradual elevation gain during the first half of the ride before heading back to town.

Archaeology Doctor of Philosophy in Archaeology Abdullah Ali Abadi Alzahrani, Rachael Ruth Merton Kiddey, Carol Lang.

The movie provokes rich debates on where we are heading to as society and if there would be still hope on human being, since it appears that no matter how, we are still trying to take advantage on others.

This song has always been a favorite of mine, but I'm captivated by this particular version of "Moon River" by The Honey Trees.

To take full advantage of its picturesque and energetic setting, we've set the finish line in the heart of downtown where crowds of locals will cheer as you finish your 70.3 mile journey.

The unique noon start time and beautiful twilight finish makes the race a particular favorite for athletes traveling with their families.