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It’s not easy being a trailblazer in a fledgling industry. Since Tuesday (they’ll wrap it up on Friday), some 1,200 camming-industry nabobs — from the on-camera models to the financial and web-hosting executives who service them — have been holed up in the SLS South Beach hotel, swapping business tips, striking deals and planning the conquest of new sexual frontiers. ” one model asked of another as they viewed a rival’s website on their cellphones — that sounded like the mating calls of a herd of sexually psychopathic MBAs.“But I think in a year or maybe two, it will break out.” Stay tuned.Lighting life, time, i year old student and allowed him to help many people.“This is a great way to make a living,” Mistress Thick said.“I do what I’m passionate about, I pick up and travel wherever I want.