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To play a card, you'll need to have a sufficient quantity of orbs and then spend the power cost.

As you complete missions in PVE and beat opponents in the PVP arenas, you'll gain access to specific upgrades that you can apply to your cards.

I was working pretty hard to get this episode up today for reasons you’ll find out.

This is easily my most “dramatic” episode so far, but it’s not a trend I plan on continuing.

As far as genre-blending titles go, you'd be hard pressed to find one as ambitious and attractive as Battle Forge.

EA's new game combines the social and competitive aspects of online multiplayer games with the flexibility and obsession of collectible card games and packages them in a gorgeous real-time strategy experience that's chockfull of wyrms, werewolves and witches.

Youtube Subtitles: English Here’s a new episode that’s been a while in the making!

I actually started on this as soon as I finished the last episode, so I’m behind on seeing what all the responses to that one were.

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To play each card in the missions, you'll need two things.There's something happening on the world down below you and you and your fellow Skylords will have to intervene to...well, I'm not really sure why you're intervening, and that's the problem with the story.The actual narrative only takes up a single paragraph during the loading screens before your mission.Since there's no benefit to having multiples of one card in a given deck, it's worth considering selling off the cards that you're not going to be using for upgrades later.Posting them for sale is easy enough, but browsing for cards, tracking your bids and even collecting money from your sales is tedious and awkward.