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Examples of modern Arthurian works featuring Morgan in a role a major antagonist include characters in both the DC Comics (Morgaine le Fey) and Marvel Comics (Morgan le Fay) comic book universes.Some other Arthurian fiction, however, casts Morgan in the various positive or at least more ambivalent roles, and some have her as a protagonist and sometimes a narrator.A series of children's novels by Amber Castle, including Sophia the Flame Sister (2012), Lily the Forest Sister (2012), Isabella the Butterfly Sister (2012), Amelia the Silver Sister (2012), Grace the Sea Sister (2012), Evie the Swan Sister (2012), Olivia the Otter Sister (2013), and Chloe the Storm Sister (2013).In it, "Morgana is the elder sister of the other eight Spell Sisters who live on Avalon.A series by Katherine Roberts, beginning with Sword of Light and continued in Lance Of Truth (2012), Crown of Dreams (2013), and Grail Of Stars (2014).In it the witch Lady Morgan is now dead, having first drowned her druid mentor Merlin, but her spirit advises her evil son Morderd from the underworld of Annwn.A series of novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Kinley Mac Gregor) in which Morgen Le Fey is a bueatiful but heartlessly evil Queen of the Fey who will not stop until she restores her son Mordred to life and takes the throne of Camelot.

Morgan has an elder sister Morgause who appears to be reincarnation of the evil goddess known as The Enchantress and is plotting to kill Arthur.The villains are Constantine and Guinevere's half-sister, the Witch Queen Gwenhwyvach.Later, in the third book in the series, Ogier's Prayer, Morgan is the lover of Ogier the Dane and mother of his son.In The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady, the readers learn about Morgan's failed attempt to heal Gawain's young sister Elaine and of her forbidden love of Arthur.In The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf, Morgan tutors the protagonist Lady Lynet in magic.