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(obsolete on March 1st 2017) Potion Maker - very helpful to save the “best combination” you found. Research Assistant - a must have for crafting : it indicates on each item if you need or not the traits for research (smithing, woodworking, & tailoring).

Shissu's LUA Memory - boost the memory allocated to addons, and avoid errors from master merchant. Very useful but few players will find it more rewarding to discover shards as it goes.

Note that MINION will automatically put the addons file here.

When starting the game, you should see the list of addons at the character selection page.

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Harvest Map - add resources coordinates on your map when you get one (ore, plants, wood, ...) Horse Timers– to take care of your horses. Greymind Quick Slot Bar - provide hotkey for Potions, etc. Lorebooks- indicates the location of books on the map.In game, you may change the parameter by accessing the menu (Social/addons). If an addon is indicated as "obsolete", you want to remove it from the addon folder, or check for an update, as it may causes errors.SOME GOOD BASIC ADDONS (alphabetical order) (last update: March 2017) Advanced Filters - provide useful filters to find out the object you want in your bank, inventory, etc… Alpha Gear - or Wykkyd Outfitter to save and change your armor sets quickly !Itemization Browser - indicates where you can get the armor pieces you need for your set, and all armor sets of the game. Superstar - give an overview of your build/template and help you to compare build and make the good choice (thanks fioskal).Note that My Build is a similar addons but it gives me error everytime I launch it (Jan 2017).