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Susan Miller, the go-to astrologer for the New York fashion set, writes on her website, 'The ancient astrologers thought of Aquarius as "the sign of all things that are newly invented".This is why the Age of Aquarius is linked so strongly to technology.The appetite for insight into the monumental shifts happening in politics, business and society is growing.Shifts, Shelley argues, that are the reverberations as we passage into the Age of Aquarius.'Astrological ages are based on changes in the heavens, known as The Precession of Equinoxes.

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Importantly, you can be very much of the Aquarian Age and not be at all into zodiac tattoos or celestial symbology. 'Whatever you think of her politics, she's very Aquarian (despite being a Libra) in that she's a nonconformist: a child-free woman who doesn't compromise her femininity and is in a position of enormous power.'In rapidly changing gender roles we can see the impact of the Aquarian Age most clearly.'The structure of the family is being transformed.

An evolution of consciousness is occurring as we transition into a new era.'So warns self-described 'champagne mystic', Shelley von Strunckel, the woman determined to give astrology an upmarket rebrand from the realms of tie-dye and what she calls 'woo-woo nonsense'.'Sweeping changes are hard to grasp, but those who arm themselves with knowledge have the edge,' she affirms.

The 70-year-old is the go-to astrologer for the inside scoop on the cosmic phenomenon that's currently transforming the world.

The "man of the house" role has changed as a result of women being better represented in the workplace, and now everyone is free to realise their potential.

In the Piscean Age, women literally couldn't live without a man,' says Shelley.