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In 1685 Louis decided to outlaw Protestantism in France, which had been tolerated in selected cities since the Edict of Nantes in 1598.After he revoked the Edict, Protestants were persecuted in France, and hundreds of thousands went abroad. The year began with one of the coldest winters on record.To complement the house he built the Summer House and Walled Garden which still stands overlooking the Canal, which he also had constructed, by digging out the valley of the tiny River Linnet, and damming it up.The old Manor House dated back to the 15th or 16th centuries, and at this time he probably intended to have it rebuilt on or near this site.By 1701 Parliament had become desperately worried about the future of the monarchy. Although Mary's sister, Anne, could succeed to the throne, she had also failed to produce an heir who had survived beyond childhood.In order to settle this issue in advance, Parliament passed the Act of Settlement of 1701.By 1804 he wrote that "The whole of the Angel-hill appears to have been raised and levelled by filling up the ditch near the Abbey-gate, where the ground was so low, that people ascended the houses on the opposite side, by several steps.

In March 1703 he received his letters patent and the motto "je n'oublieray jamais".

Once elevated to the House of Lords, he ceased to be Bury's MP, and was replaced by Sir Robert Davers.

Baron Hervey would not be made 1st Earl of Bristol for another eleven years, and at this time the family lived in the old Ickworth Manor House, which was located just south of the Ickworth Church.

He continued to take the Independent cause to Chevington and the villages south of Bury.

Sir Thomas Felton replaced Sir Robert Davers as Bury's second MP, but within a year Davers was back to replace John Hervey when Hervey became a peer.

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