Are shane and danielle from bb14 dating

So, Frank's presumed alliance with Britney and Shane was obviously not to be trusted, and with Dan's "sincere" hand on the bible and swearing on his wife and dead grandfather, he rolled the dice and ultimately lost.

And just to sidestep for the moment, so many people objected to my support and praise of Frank, citing the live feeds and his supposed horrible behavior.

It was clear that Danielle was torn between loyalty to Dan and carnal love of Shane.

However, in the end she trusted Dan more than the man she wanted to bed.

He attributed his dastardly deed, which he "insisted" he was not proud of, to doing anything to win that money for him and his family.

And it was uncanny watching Britney in the jury house last night with the other evictees as she went back and forth between how horribly she'd been treated by Dan, yet then reversing herself and defending him when Frank agreed with her. It's just a game, get over it, whereas Frank, true to form, rejoindered there are ways to play a game.

No, Dan, you shouldn't be rewarded." Especially since he wasn't so brilliant in all instances.

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That Danielle allowed him to talk with her was unbelievable, even as his voice raced almost unintelligibly insisting he'd actually done it for her, so that she would ultimately win, which was even more despicable to watch, considering we the viewers had heard time immemorial from Dan about his intention to win the 0,000 for himself.

I felt it coming, but thought to myself, "No, this can't be.

They must have edited it in this manner, showing Dan wage a futile battle just to make us think the unbelievable might happen." But it did.

Desperate to win the argument, she actually had the cheek to accuse Frank of back-stabbing her, even as Frank reminded her that it was because he learned (from Dan) she was planning to back-door him a number of times, which was all true, as we saw her pronouncements on TV.

No matter, as with many people caught in a lie, self-preservation was the essence of Britney's mantra, morphing into delusion about her activities.