Are ritz camera stores liquidating

I've grabbed tons of filters, a Pelican card case, tripod, and random stuff I might need down the road, the prices are up to half off. Which is just as well, because I don't have any MONEY.

Altamonte Springs still has some pentax lenses from what I saw today. Steve I'm in Memphis for work issues and I visited a couple of the Wolf stores in here. Merged with Ritz Camera NA to close 300 stores, liquidation to start April 4, 2009 topic.

All they had for film was disposable cameras which they were eager to sell me instead of the Neopan and Ilford I'd asked about.

I was the only customer in the store and the display cases were still fully stocked with Canikony equipment.

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The store in Saratoga was a good shop with some good folks put out of one in syracuse at carousel is closing too (thats my hometown - and thats where i go to get little random things) and the one here in Gainesville VA is closing too :\ guess i will go check it out.

I stopped by the one up the road from me this weekend to see what film they had left.

Are ritz camera stores liquidating