Are kim johnson and hines ward dating

The staff of Darwin Ward struggle to stop the spread of the life-threatening MRSA infection, when it is contracted by one patient, Debbie Prewitt from another, Lizzie Coombes.

Suspicion about its spread falls on Julie Fitzjohn.

Carl and Jasmine argue about her work, and he hits her, though apologises immediately; she tells him to leave.

Christine, a young woman recently returned from honeymoon, is rushed in, having contracted a virus that has caused her heart to enlarge.

Dennis Johnson, an elderly widower with a heart condition, is visited by his grandson Shane.

When Tom dies, Nick has to help the relatives deciode whether some of his organs can be used for transplant.

Anton and Muriel Mc Kendick are still clashing over the allocation of beds.

Her treatment causes conflict between Anton Meyer and Muriel Mc Kendrick, as Anton suspects Muriel is trying to justify the split in beds between cardiac and other cases.

David Cousins has come in for a long-overdue heart bypass, but Victoria Merrick spots that something is wrong and arranges at short notice for Mr.

Are kim johnson and hines ward dating