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It’s pure fun since there’s no place for failed dates and lost hopes. All you need to do is swipe right for yes or left if you’re not interested.

It’s a great, easy and free way to meet potential partner while searching through your own criteria.We would like to present TOP 5 dating apps for Allah believers. Minder is first application we would like to discuss.Minder is dedicated to help in connect progressive, smart, fun, and interesting Muslims with each other.Ok, as a qualified GP, I can see that that’s a legitimate concern. But let’s go on a fact finding mission together and we’ll soon discover that the risk of a 35 year old woman conceiving a child with Downs Syndrome is 0.4%. Almost all of you have expressed that you would like to marry someone attractive.To put it another way, there is a 99.6% chance that the child will be born WITHOUT Downs Syndrome. Of course you would; there is no shame in admitting that and I value your honesty.