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You can pay to have 3D scans (three-dimensional still pictures of your baby) or 4D scans (moving 3D images of your baby) but you should be aware that this involves extra unnecessary ultrasound scans.

Women expecting twins or triplets will be offered more scans than women having a single baby.

Here’s a look at two of the most important and informative ultrasound scans nearly all new mothers experience: the dating scan and the anomaly scan. Typically the first ultrasound in your pregnancy, the dating scan gives us a very astute estimate of the date your little guy or gal will arrive.And your baby might be lying in a position that doesn’t let the sonographer see the gender.Just for fun, see whether old wives' tales can predict if you're having a girl or a boy on the Baby Centre website.Tell them if you would like to know – and tell them too if you don’t want to find out until the birth.The point of the scan is to check the health and growth of your baby and some hospitals may have a policy of not looking at gender.