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Here are 15 RPG-themed anime that helped define this budding genre.There are two basic type of RPG animes: Those that are based on an RPG, and those in which the characters find themselves stuck inside a world which mimics one..hack//Sign offers up an array of MMORPG goodness, with perhaps one of the best and most unique musical scores you’ll find for any anime as well.It is also perhaps the first anime to introduce the concept of getting stuck in a virtual reality game world, a concept that has since taken off dramatically., which as you said is action oriented and that’s going to really visualise how Kirito and the other characters, how they move, how they use their skills like in the animation.So this time, we’re looking for the same thing, we’re looking for a lot of action but those actions are based on what you see in an MMORPG.When it comes to the "stuck in an MMO" sub-genre, .hack//Sign is the prototypical example and perhaps one of the most well known.

I remember some of our readers were glad that Lost Song moved to more simplistic action RPG style, that they found the MMO stylings, the skill bars and gauges of , what would you say to those who preferred a simpler game?However, this will be quite challenging and we’d like to take things step by may take us a couple of years in order to realise it but VR technology is going to be implemented in the future and they’ll be VR exclusive titles too so we are researching into those games and looking into their positive parts and then we’ll decide how to implement those technologies in order to make a VR game in the future. I’ve had to chance to try a VR game where I could swing a sword using a VR system but at that time it was not really synchronised so I could feel some awkwardness with it right now.Have you ever tried a VR game where you can a swing a sword or something similar? I didn’t feel totally synchronised in the VR world yet however of course, year after year, I’m sure this awkwardness will be removed so I’m ready to wait for the technology to improve and so I can take that technology and bring it into a Sword Art Online game.Then maybe it’ll be possible to realise a VR dating system!