Andie macdowell dating polyamory married and dating gay

I’ve had a contract with L’Oréal for 30 years, and I’m going to be 60 next year.

AM: What I would want to be remembered for, I think, is someone who broke the rules.

It had always been blonde, blue-eyed, and “All American.” Now I’ve learned that we are evolving to understand that there is not one kind of beauty. You can’t keep people back from wanting to feel beautiful, you can’t limit the fashion world.

AM: I think it’s becoming more inclusive, and I think because of social media there is a shift as to who is considered the authority.

When I first worked with him early on I met his parents. I think his struggles in life to fit in made him a more compassionate person.

We talked about his family and talked about his nieces, it was a very intimate relationship. I also think it was a component of his childlike nature — wanting to be loved, bonding easily with other people, always having that openness to him, inviting people into his life.