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I am wondering is there anything wrong with my account? That predictions need not to be range bound, as you suggested 725-732 it must be approximate. As expectations don''t decide premium in Primary market, It is the GMP, Kostak Rate, Global Market situations and some other relevant factors that decide listing price of any share. Abhishek, Listing expectations are basis geo-political and market factors which has favored and supported both Nifty and Sensex . .....rii category 19L forms req so full subscription is not possible appwise under Rii.. I have demat ac of kary and I spoken to kary executive to sell it but they also unable to sell. Even though the ipo didn''t subscribed fully for the retail category, why the shares aren''t allocated to me? Exactly this is what I told you on very Ist comment. 16%PE(2018).............58...............35........ Insurance Sector will always see growth because of less penetration and holding these shares in portfolio will give good returns. Bcz there might be novice entrant in the market which are going to react on your comment and finally get settled at loss. GMP for SBI Life has improved in last few days because of positive response to ICICI Lombard.Since not tracking this stock will look for suggestions on good entry points from other experts. Looking to enter and accumulate GHCL at 210-215min 20% return in a 6-12 months. I know our country was named " sone ke chidiya " in the gone centuries.Its the citizens who need to take care of the public property.

Talwalkar is in a good business but there performance has not been consistent. Sbi life 700, lombard 700Sbi life 680, lombard 710Sbi life 650,lombard 720Ultimate Life 588,lombard 860!

Mamta Banerjee ji kripa is aur dhyan dein aur railway mein bhrashtachar rukwaiye.

Hi, Railways are serving and is the main service provider for commuters across india.

The "palace on wheels" and the "deccan oddeysy's" are taken special care as it caters to important dignateries and non resident indians and foreighners. Rgds, Davinder pal $ingh unzan I was traveling in AC 2 tier of Rajdhani Exp. Nizamuddin to Bangalore on 11th Apr 2010, on 12th night we were supplied Chapati/Paratha made of spoiled wheat flour & out dated curd in Dinner.

When I have tried to complain to their pantry supervisor, he started asking sorry and was not willing to bring Complaint book saying that it has not been issued to them. Sandip, he was reluctant to come and meet us and avoided to meet us.