Amputee cam

Jim Wirth has generously donated one fairing and is hosting a Tilt campaign to inspire others to join him. As these covers are custom designed, they work with all above knee and below knee prosthetic limbs.His goal is to raise at least double his original donation. The CAM Collection, like our recent Carbon Collection, is hydro painted, which gives the prosthetic cover a very sleek and modern look.Insignia provides a marked improvement in patient comfort.Patients no longer have to endure the mess and discomfort associated with traditional plaster casting.The receiver allows for patient movement during the scanning process.

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The device determines the position and orientation of the scanner’s wand relative to the body part being scanned, casts a laser light over the body part, records a cross-sectional profile and enables the computer to accurately reconstruct the full three-dimensional surface.“Our CAM collection celebrates our military service men and women, especially those who have lost a piece of themselves in the line of duty,” says Eythor Bender, CEO of UNYQ.The purpose of this investigation was to develop a numerical method for fabricating prosthetic sockets for below-knee amputees.The CAM Collection flips the notion of camouflage upside down by providing amputees a means to conceal their prosthetic leg, while wowing others with their unique look.“Losing a limb can have a devastating impact on your sense of self esteem,” explains Katherine Crawford, former Army servicewoman, amputee and advocate for amputee girls.