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ORAC test results show that one gram of Ceremonial Matcha green tea contains 1,384 ORAC units – about 15x the antioxidants available in wild blueberries.

Matcha contains higher antioxidant levels on a per gram basis than any other known natural fruits or vegetables.Located in the mountains at 600m sea level, Toyota’s cooler climate acts as a natural barrier and protects the organic fields, as only few insects survive in the colder temperature.Kagoshima, in the southern edge of Japan, is an optimal location for organic teas because of its vast fields, mineral-rich volcanic soil, and remoteness from the city.AIYA has two tea sommeliers with 40 years of experience who are in charge of blending.This allows for the production of consistent flavors and colors of Matcha each year, as there are more than 100 existing grades which differ from each other in color and taste profile.