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Itachi even stated that she's a "friend" while visiting a small tea shop where he sees his old teammate, Shinko.

She always mentioned that she admired him, and Itachi was fully aware of it.

In order to keep the blood line pure, the clan united, and to ensure the Sharingan is passed on the clan head (Fugaku I do believe) would have set up an arranged marriage for Itachi, his successor.

Kekkai Genkai is coveted and Itachi was a powerful shinobi.

He just take one of his eyes, then Shisui gives the other one to Itachi before Shishui makes his own existence to be unknown.

-According to Hiruzen, Itachi considering his infiltration to Akatsuki as his mission from Konoha.

Madara did say he also killed his lover so that is one big clue. Had killed his lover and his Father and his Mother… Couldn’t bring himself to kill you.” - Madara to Sasuke He did have a girlfriend. And Trust me, only true fans of Itachi would known that... https://kissanime.to/Anime/Naruto-Shippuuden/Episode-452? id=123662 on you see her and her name is izumi uhiha and is shown on this episode https://kissanime.to/Anime/Naruto-Shippuuden/Episode-452?

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But, he wouldn't of join the Akatsuki if he didn't. itachi does have a girl friend i hear that the creature of naruto kishimoto masashi is actually going to mak itachi's gf an important part in the anime i hear this from a friend who lives in japan i believe her name is still being chosen , it is said she will not die itachi does not kill her it's either she kill's with itachi or she's on a mission when it happens i'll find out more from my friend back in japan hopes that helps hear's a pic of her (or alest i thing this is what she's going to look like) spread the word!Thank you for reading~Niako Uchiha but it did be sad Itachi killing his girlfriend i think that he should have aloud her two live in the hidden leaf village then she could take care of Sasuke while he was still young and after pein and some others bad member of the akatsuki is dead then she could go whit Sasuke and travel whit him then they find Itachi and she kiss him and tells him how much she miss him and then she sees Sasuke and Itachi fight then when Itachi is deading he tells her how much he loves him and maybe she could be able two heal him if not then he could make Sasuke promise two keep her safe then they both start two love each other and Itachi is watching from the heaven both Sasuke and his girlfriend then Sasuke and her could grow two love each other and restore the Uchiha clan and she could have a baby whit Sasuke that could look a little like both of Itachi and Sasuke and she could have name her first child after Itachi and name the baby boy Itachi and Sasuke could like that naming his first child after his brother and then after the child is one she could have a baby two baby girl this time and name one Mikoto after Itachi and Sasuke mom and they other girl name Sakura after the cherry blossom tree and then ones her twins girl are two then she could have a baby boy again and name it Stanley and maybe Itachi Sasuke brother could be allowed two visit his beloved girlfriend and play whit her kids for a week and talk two Sasuke and maybe he could get premisson from God two live on earth again has along has he did not kill innocent people then he can live whit his girlfriend and Sasuke and there kids that did be nice although it still would be sad that Itachi did died but at least after God gives him premison then he can return two the world of naruto be a real human again "You couldn’t see through Itachi at all. her name is izumi uchiha.(even though it's not said but everyone who's smart knows they're in love a bit) and for clearence, ITACHI DID NOT KILL HIS GIRLDFRIEND!tobi/obito did proof of this is found in episode 452-455 naruto shippuden (fillers itachi's story) hope this cleared a lot for your antwoorden belows a picture of her chilling with itachi x D(or starving him to dead) According to the novel, both Itachi Shinden Light and Darkness, Izumi was not together with Itachi.That's the actual reason why Itachi taunt Sasuke to challenge him 'till the edge.-The time Itachi realized Sasuke's potential, was just right before Kabuto's Edo Tensei ended in the 4th Shinobi World War.