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Rosaline, Emily, born 12 October 1999, died 15 March 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina Our Remembrance We'll never forget you, Emily.

I remember the day you were born, I looked you in the eye and promised myself that I would protect you with my life. Hatch, Chris, born 27 January 1973, died 16 August 1997 in Arvada, Colorado Our Remembrance If you think this could never happen to your loved one...think again..

Bryan, Adam, born 22 September 1988, died 14 March 2012 in Texas Our Remembrance Adam if I could have you back I would not one minute goes by where I don\\'t think of you or miss you! Words will never be enough to express everything I am going through without you here! I would always see his smiling face in the hallways and smile too. Cox, Brandon Thomas, born 17 January 1990, died 11 August 2012 in Savannah, Tennessee Our Remembrance we miss you everyday,we love you and you will never be forgot-en,you were so young and so smart,i hope your in the heavens playing your Guitar and feel no pain.i love you!Caffrey, Brooke Leigh Telford, born 25 June 1976, died 05 January 2012 in Grand Junction, Colorado Our Remembrance Brooke was a fearless, bold, vibrant woman who served our country for 17 years. I'm sorry you let circumstances define your existence in this lifetime. You can cry and close your mind: Be empty and turn your back.She is remembered as a free spirit, who made friends with nearly everyone. Olivo, Christopher J., born 07 October 1961, died in Rindge, New Hampshire, USAOur Remembrance : Chris was the funniest smartest person I've ever had the privilege of knowing! Know that you are missed & loved by all that truly knew you. You thought you were doing what was best and right. Or you can do what Kit would want: Smile, open your eyes, love, laugh and go on... Kimbro, Brent Shawn, born 14 July 1961, died 17 September 2001 in Gallatin, Tennessee Our Remembrance Your sweet smile will never be forgotten and your face will forever be etched on our hearts and minds.Her presence is dearly missed by all those who knew her. Byrd, Marla Ruth Irwin, born 08 March 1967, died 28 February 1991 in Tennessee, USAOur Remembrance You were my sister, my best friend. Brown, Chuck, born 16 April 1957, died 24 September 2006 in Asheville, North Carolina Our Remembrance Miss you every single second of every single day! Loved and missed for always, Kitty Love Mam, Pops, Mark, Ryan & Kyle. rnrn I remember how much you loved animals and the elderly. rnrn Always on our minds, forever in our hearts, Mom , Dad, Dean, David, Lisa.... Teresa Kimbro Culbreath King, Scott Joseph, born 01 September 1961, died 23 June 2014 in Illinois, USAOur Remembrance Scott Joseph King was a loving husband, father, son, brother, and friend.Some people never have the connection we had, and I am grateful we had that, even if for too short a time. Sara, Lexus and Leahrnxx x xx xxxrn Brown, William Jessie, born 03 December 1967, died in Nashville, Tennessee Our Remembrance Our time together was short, but our bond was not. The music and art you created were incredible and inspiring. I know you're free from your pain and that comforts me when I'm missing you so much I feel I can't bear it. Sorg, Shawn Robert, born 20 September 1969, died 16 December 2008 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas Our Remembrance An unconditional love knows no bounderies or time. He is sorely missed, and He will forever live on in our memories.