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I recently consulted strabismus surgery again and the eye Doctor said that my right eye can be aligned with adjustable suture strabismus operation.Since I don't have much vision on my right eye and cannot use both of my eyes (binocular vision), I asked whether it will stay aligned permanently after surgery. The main reason I considered undergoing surgery is for career advancement as I am not sure whether company will be willing to hire me in my present condition for management upper eyelid muscles of my right eye are damaged.I don't remember what one of my surgeons in Toronto called it but essentially when my eyelid is supposed to go down ~slightly (when I look to the right) my eyelid goes waaaay down, and when I look toward my nose, my eyelid opens up very far, more than what my normal eye does.Your past work, references, social network, and ability to show/ tell how you will get the job done with any accommodations should be enough to get you a job.

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I might get another surgery in hopes of it being gone for good. it helps a lot if i wear glasses, i think its more noticeable in my contacts.

I don't know if its strabismus or esotropia, but in my case, from my childhood i had my left eye which i cannot turn fully. The problem is when i start to roll my eyes, only my right eye is able to do so and the left one does't move much. I would love to hear what methods you did and if they are still working.

In recent years i've come to notice in most of my photos that the left eye seem to have become slightly smaller and thus seems swollen. Hi guys, I'm 19F from canada and I developed ptosis in my younger years since I think I was dropped on my head as a small wee child (ugh).

Hi Shannon, Thanks much for your response and sharing your opinion.

I completely agree with you that my past work and references should able to help me in finding new job.