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One process by which Members activate their Account.Before a Member can login to their Account, we send the Member an email at their Account email address with a link.The same will be required for any parent company or legal entity with a beneficial interest in the company applying for an Account.The following information/documents will be required for all sole proprietors and unincorporated sole traders, stakeholders, partners of a legal entity and beneficial owners of any legal entity or individual applying for the Account.The Member must click on the link in the email to validate their email Account status in which a Member has limited access to the Services, in particular limited access to any payment methods and/or a Member's ability to send money, make withdrawals or remove personal details.This status can be either temporary or permanent depending on the individual circumstances.

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The following information and documentation will be required for any legal entity applying for an Account.We may amend these Terms from time to time as set out in Section 3.Please review all the revisions to these Terms to ensure you understand the current Terms which will apply at that time and going forward.Our verification process described in Section 9 which complies with our "Know Your Customer/Know Your Business" (KYC/KYB) procedures and is required to fulfil Financial Conduct Authority, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing requirements.Verification is important for our network as it enhances security and helps to protect you, our Members, against fraud and money laundering.