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Slackin is great for some use cases but this helps the social side of Slack, really helps communities In the early days of the internet, before the i Phone, e Bay, and even Harry Potter, chatrooms were king. Suddenly people had profiles, friends, interests, pictures. Hundreds of thousands of chatrooms have been created in the past couple years, with millions of people having real time conversations in them every day. These chats aren’t just companies talking to each other either.

These chatrooms, found on places like AOL, Yahoo, and IRC, were incredibly simple. A huge evolutionary step from the chatrooms where all you had was a username. These are communities who are choosing to interact in real time rather than on a forum or social network like Facebook or Twitter.

We now have 250 people reporting in, talking science, and meeting up in real life. Discovery of these communities does not exist and I'm glad that Hamster Pad is solving this problem. If you want to not eat for 36 hours a week for adult neurogenesis and longevity biomarker benefits, talk autophagy during ketosis, or learn what all that jargon means, come check us out at https://[email protected] Thank you so much for the kind words Geoffrey, it really means a lot to us and inspires us to innovate faster.

We were lucky enough to be one of the beta communities on Hamster Pad, and I hope they realize their vision of becoming the discovery portal to great groups of people. When I look at Slack chats I see a situation similar to what the internet looked like before search engines.

For years now, social networks have completely overshadowed chatrooms as the number one way to communicate with people. There are chats about startups, fasting, podcasts, coffee, psychedelics, and even Portland. We thought we’d go ahead and fix them: 1) Chatrooms are difficult to find. 3) You have no idea what chatrooms your friends are in.

This is why we have created Hamster Pad, the social network for chats.

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Congrats on the PH launch @mattprd and Hamster Pad team!I'm stoked about what you build, and I can't wait to get the verification email in the inbox to add our community on Hamster Pad. It is blowing my mind at how global Hamster Pad is already becoming already just after one day.Let me know how we can make your life as a Slack admin better, we're ready to build your ideas. Just started a slack community a few weeks ago ( and its going extremely well.The center of a modern community will be a chatroom like Slack.I organized an Intermittent Fasting / Biohacking group called We Fast ( at the start of the year, and it just made sense to host it primarily on Slack - lightweight, but synchronous; conversational and collaborative.