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The effectiveness of courses are determined by assessing and evaluating course design and instruction.Upon successful completion of the 6 Excellence in Educating Adults Recognition of Achievement workshops, students may be eligible for a transfer credit towards the "Introduction to Adult" (BEC910) online course in the Adult Education/Staff Training certificate.Webchats sometimes disconnect due to technical difficulties on either side.In the unlikely event that this happens, please call us at 1-866-531-2600 so we can continue to help you..subject-information"); grp.remove Class("subject-information-show"); grp.remove Class("subject-information-hide"); Class("subject-information-show"); $("#expand0-0").hide(); $("#compress0-0").show(); load Ajax Section Subject Avilability("0-0");'.subject-information"); grp.remove Class("subject-information-show"); grp.remove Class("subject-information-hide"); Class("subject-information-hide"); $("#expand0-0").show(); $("#compress0-0").hide();'This course is an introductory exploration of adult learning.Its focus is on the various processes that assist adults to pursue learning through self-directed inquiry and exploring theory within an experiential context.

To help improve our service you may enter your postal code below. Webchat is available for the residents of the province of Ontario, Canada.What our partners and community leaders are saying about Stella’s Place For more information on our programs, referral processes and young adult community, contact: Kelly Robinson, Director, Clinical and Recovery Services Franky Bartol, Initiatives Manager "I feel like it’s a place where people can change the scope of mental health. I see it as a place for everybody, no matter who or what you are.The Mental Health Helpline is province-wide, mental health information and referral service located in Ontario, Canada.For more information on transfer credit Please visit the Degree and Credit Transfer Office.When you meet all program requirements and become eligible for a certificate, diploma, or degree, you must inform the Registrar by completing a Graduation Application form and paying the graduation and alumni fee.