Adult chat apps without sin

As you might guess from its name, it provides you with an electronic breviary, the book used to pray the .

And, on top of eliminating the need to carry your breviary around with you all the time, it also cues up the prayers for the day, eliminating the need to coordinate ribbons and flip back and forth in a book.

It’s on the list because it not only helps you grow in the faith with great talks and video clips, but it also helps you evangelize.

You can access most of FOCUS Equip’s videos and audio talks right on the app.

There’s an app for that, and it’s called i Breviary.

Another reason I really like i Breviary is that it’s available for nearly every device out there, as it also has a web interface that can be accessed from anything with a browser (including my favorite, the browser on an e-ink Kindle).

Truth & Life reveals a treasure trove of extras when you touch the menu icon (three lines) in the upper left corner.It’s powered by, which is run by the Pontifical Council for Social Communication. You can browse photo galleries of recent General Audiences and Papal events, watch video clips of the Pope’s addresses, read transcripts of his speeches, check out the Pope’s upcoming schedule of events, and even watch live streaming video.The Pope App also has a Pope News section, links to other great resources (Pope’s Twitter account, various Vatican news sources, etc.), and Vatican webcams. Mea Culpai OSMea Culpa helps make you a good confession.Marked sins and notes appear in the Committed Sins section that will provide you with a guide to Confession and your sins.Once you are absolved in Confession you can hit the Clear button and reset your sin totals.